• Actor Anthony Rapp and another anonymous plaintiff have accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault on different occasions  
  • Rapp claimed that he suffered psychological injuries, depression and many other things after the terrifying encounter
  • The anonymous plaintiff alleged that Spacey tried to "anally sodomize" him when he was 14

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey has landed himself in trouble once again as he has been accused of sexually assaulting two 14-year-old boys in the 1980s in a new lawsuit.

Actor Anthony Rapp and a person identified as C.D. are suing Spacey, claiming that the “House Of Cards” star sexually assaulted them on separate occasions, Vulture reported. According to the new lawsuit, Rapp claimed that the alleged assault took place at a party in Spacey’s apartment situated in Manhattan.

The lawsuit stated that Spacey made an “unwanted sexual advance with a 14 year old (Rapp)” and grabbed his “buttocks.” Rapp also claimed that the 61-year-old actor “lifted him onto a bed and laid on plaintiff’s body.” The incident happened without the consent of Rapp, who was a minor at the time.

The court papers also alleged that the “Star Trek: Discovery” actor ran to the bathroom after the terrifying encounter and only came out a few moments later. The actor was persuaded by Spacey to stay as soon as he came out of the bathroom, but he “refused” and left the apartment.

According to the papers obtained by Deadline, Rapp also stated that he suffered severe emotional, distress, humiliation, fright, anger, depression, anxiety, and psychological injuries as a result of the alleged incident.

“By reason of the foregoing, plaintiff, Anthony Rapp, sustained psychological injuries, including but not limited to, severe emotional distress, humiliation, fright, anger, depression and anxiety; a severe shock to his nervous system; and has been caused to suffer mental anguish, emotional and psychological damage as a result thereof, and, upon information and belief, some or all of these injuries are of a permanent and lasting nature,” Deadline quoted the actor’s complaint.

The new lawsuit also stated that the horrifying encounter has forced Rapp to step away from his acting duties, causing him stress on how to bear medical expenses for getting everything out from his head.

“Plaintiff, ANTHONY RAPP, has been forced to abstain from the duties of his vocation, and has and/or will become obligated to expend sums of money for medical expenses,” the complaint added.

On the other hand, a plaintiff named C.D. also filed a similar complaint against Spacey but chose to remain anonymous. The plaintiff said that he first met the “American Beauty” star when he was 12. However, the alleged incident happened two years later when he was 14.

The complaint filed by the anonymous plaintiff stated that he met Spacey in New York and was invited by the actor to his apartment. There, Spacey had intercourse and oral sex with the plaintiff. He also claimed that Spacey “continued to engage in sexual acts on different occasions” and tried to “anally sodomize” the plaintiff during their final sexual encounter.

However, he was able to free himself and flee Spacey’s apartment.

Speaking about the lawsuit, lawyer Peter Saghir told Deadline the lawsuit should be seen as an example and should send a “strong message” to those who believe they can get away with such heinous crimes.

“This lawsuit sends a strong message that no matter how wealthy, powerful, or famous you maybe you are not above the law. Our clients are looking forward to their day in Court and to obtaining justice for a crime that never should have happened ” Deadline quoted Saghir, as saying.

The “Usual Suspects” actor has not been able to stage a comeback into the field of acting since allegations against him surfaced online three years ago. Rapp first accused Spacey of sexual assault in 2017. Since then, the actor lost several projects. He was fired from the hit Netflix series “House Of Cards” and was replaced by Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott's movie “All The Money In The World.”

As of late, more than 30 men have come forward with sexual assault accusations against one of the most notable personalities in Hollywood. Spacey has denied all the allegations.

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Kevin Spacey from “House of Cards” was accused by crew members of making their working environment toxic. Netflix