Kim Cattrall, known for her role as Samantha Jones on HBO's "Sex and the City," has finally offered a bit of insight when it comes to whether or not she would be interested in revisiting the character for future projects.

In an interview with Mail Online, Cattrall, 62, was directly asked whether or not she would participate in any potential movies after appearing in the franchise's second film, "Sex and the City 2," in 2010.

"Never. It's a no from me," she answered without hesitation, adding, "You learn lessons in life and my lesson is to do work with good people and try and make it fun."

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On Sunday, an insider spoke with The Sun, saying, "By the time filming was wrapped, Kim was telling her team she would never do another film with [co-star] Sarah [Jessica Parker]... She couldn't take the negativity between them."

Cattrall's decision to turn down any potential sequels likely does not come as a surprise to fans of the long-running series as there have been rumors of disagreements between the two women for quite a while.

Per Mail Online, the two actors hadn't been able to find common ground since the beginning of the second season of the show back in 1999, although the cast and crew always denied such speculation during the show's production. However, upon the conclusion of the series in 2004, people involved behind the scenes began speaking more openly about what had really transpired.

One thing that was revealed was that stars Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon were part of "a group" that Cattrall was not. It was also rumored that hostility between the two stemmed from Parker, the lead, being paid more than everyone else. While it has been said that the other actresses were fine with that, Cattrall reportedly was not as she had had a film career before joining the show.

At this time, it seems as though a third movie will never be made, leaving fans only to speculate as to what would have actually been written into the movie. Although, a supposed plot was released in 2018 that would have completely changed the entire direction of the series moving forward.

As for fans of Cattrall, she has a new Fox series called "Filthy Rich" coming out soon. The trailer for the upcoming project can be seen here.

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall does not consider herself as friends with any of her “Sex and the City” co-stars. In this photo, the actress attended the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in London on Nov. 30, 2014. Reuters/Neil Hall