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Although animal rights organization People for Ethical treatment (PETA) denied any connection with the recent flour-bomb attack on reality star Kim Kardashian, it now turns out that the attacker, Christina Cho, is a pretty influential PETA activist.

Not only is she a PETA activist, her records show that she has also done similar dramatic stunts before in the name of PETA.

Reportedly, back in 2010, Cho grabbed the microphone from fashion designer Donna Karan at a Women's Conference event in NYC, accusing her of using fur in her designer clothes.

Christina Cho's younger sister, Michelle Cho, one of the top PETA officials in L.A, told E!Online, I am not my sister's keeper, but I love her and have seen her sacrifice a lot of herself as a terrific activist. We work in different ways to help stop animal suffering. It is Christina who got me into the movement to protect animals, and I'll always be grateful to her for opening my eyes.

PETA's report on the protest referred to Christina Cho as a PETA member and superstar activist. Christina even won an award from PETA in 2010 for her work for the organization.

As soon as the flour-bombing incident took place last week, PETA had adamantly denied any involvement with the episode and told TMZ, It was not [us]. We were given the video by an anti-fur activist on the scene.

Thats not all, PETA is apparently also ready to defend Christina, if Kim decides to press charges against her.

A PETA spokesperson told Celebuzz: We don't believe Kim would be so shortsighted as to go after this woman, but if she does, we'll definitely look at how to maximize exposure to the cruel fur industry, and that could mean defending the activist if she wishes.

Also, it seems, the group urged that the 31-year-old curvy beauty could enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs to the homeless.

PETA is not speculating about who floured Kim and unfortunately we can't say who sent us the video. How much better it would be if she decided to evolve and enhance her image by donating her vulgar furs and exotic-animal skins to the homeless, the spokesperson added.

Kim, who initially seemed all calm and even humorous about the attack, later told E!News, I am just going to think about it, because I don't want someone to think they can really get away with that. So we are going to handle that.

The reality star was flour bombed by Christina Cho on the Hollywood red carpet at the launch of her new perfume True Reflection at The London Hotel in West Hollywood last Thursday.