Prince Harry and pop superstar Elton John appeared at a London court, delivering a high-profile jolt to a privacy claim launched by celebrities and other figures against a newspaper publisher


  • Prince Harry allegedly scheduled his U.K. trip when King Charles and Prince William were out of town
  • King Charles didn't snub his son because he was not expected to be in the U.K. if his trip to France did not get canceled
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were warned about the potential cold treatment from the royals at the coronation

Prince Harry will reportedly not see any of the royal family members while in the United Kingdom.

The Duke of Sussex is in his home country. He made a surprise appearance in London's High Court Monday for the privacy lawsuit against Association Newspapers Limited (ANL), the publisher of Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. King Charles was still in the U.K. at the time, but the father and son reportedly didn't meet.

There were speculations that His Majesty snubbed his son. However, royal expert Shannon Felton Spence argued it wasn't the case.

"The king was scheduled to be in France before Germany. He was not even supposed to be in the U.K.," she explained to Fox News Digital. "So, Harry's surprise trip was strategically planned for when his brother and his father would be out of town. ... The political situation in France forced an unfortunate cancellation of the king's visit, which made him unexpectedly in the U.K. for a few extra days."

King Charles was supposed to fly to France Sunday. But since the trip got canceled, he stayed in London until Wednesday before his trip to Germany with his wife, Queen Consort Camilla.

"If the king is too busy to see Harry, it's because he approached him as the king and not as a son to a father. Sometimes, your former boss is too busy to see you if you drop in on them," Felton Spence explained.

Kinsey Schofield, the host of the "To Di For Daily" podcast, also told the outlet that King Charles' unwillingness to meet his youngest son "was a stark example of consequences."

"The king's diary is typically built months in advance," the author of "R is for Revenge Dress" said. "But] the idea that the king had this time off and chose not to engage with his son tells me that Charles does not trust his boy. He does not want any drama before the coronation, and he clearly thinks Harry's grievances are petty. If Harry and Meghan attend the king's coronation, they should bring their parkas because things are going to be ice cold."

Prince Harry, John Elton and five more claimants sued ANL for alleged phone tapping and unlawful practices to gather information. They were not expected to attend the preliminary hearing.

Prince Harry's biographer, Angela Levin, the "Harry: A Biography of a Prince" author claimed that he flew to the U.K. to steal the spotlight from his father, who is doing a royal tour in Germany.

"I think the first thing is that he wants to beat his father," Levin said on GB News. "[Harry's] come there because he knew he would make the front page. He's stealing the headline but also say[ing], 'I'm the one on the front page. I should be ruling.' He's got a very weird feeling now that he should be running the royal family. He needs to fix it, he says."

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