If there's one man that knows pain, it's Adam Thorn.

And it's not just any ordinary pain, but it's the kind that will make you think why he made himself into a guinea pig and allowed a six foot reticulated python to bite him in his arm.

Thorn's latest exploit put himself in harm's way by making the python bite him in his arm. This is part of his new TV show, “Kings of Pain” wherein he and co-star Rob “Caveman” Alleva will rank an animal's bite or an insect's sting as their outrageous effort to “update history's ultimate pain index.”

Pythons don't have fangs like a cobra or a black mamba. They are constrictors, and they kill their prey by squeezing the life out of them. Be that as it may, these reptiles still have this row of needle-like teeth that hold their meal as it struggle for their last breath.

The video, which is not for the squeamish, immediately saw Thorn's reaction despite that he'll be wearing a face shield and a groin cup. The snake was brought in and laid to a wooden table. He then offered his arm and the python struck and sank its gaping jaws. It even came to a point when the snake tried to coil itself, but fortunately, it didn't.

Thorn was left with a bloodied arm and an awe-struck Alleva. The snake even left a tooth on the host's skin for good measure. It was eventually pulled out, but the Aussie needed stitches to close the wound left by the python.

A python, pictured January 29, 2015 in Miami, Florida, was tackled by Thai animal rescuers after it hid in a woman's bedroom in an attempt to hunt her kitten. Getty Images

But if you think the bite on Thorn was bad, think again. TMZ said that the bite on Alleva was even worse, and doctors needed to squeeze a hematoma out of his arm twice. It wasn't previewed and you'd have to watch the show to see the “Caveman” grimace in pain.

But why go through all the pain? Thorn and Alleva are following the footsteps left behind by Dr. Justin O. Schmidt. In 1983, the entomologist started ranking stinging insects from 1-4 en route to creating the Schmidt pain index.

The co-stars, however, wanted to go beyond. “Kings of Pain” will take the Schmidt pain index on a whole new level with a 30-point scale alongside new categories such as duration, intensity and damage . In addition, the duo will expose themselves to other animals, including a Nile monitor lizard, scorpion fish, fire urchin, tarantula hawk and a giant Asian centipede over the course of the show's eight-episode season.