Kirstie Alley is furious that President Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter. However, her Twitter rant comparing the suspension to slavery resulted in a wave of backlash.

On Saturday, Alley shared several tweets slamming tech companies over their decision to silence Trump.

“ALL people should be concerned is the KEY here. It’s true, the average person will no longer have a platform to speak their views. This is called SLAVERY. This censorship proves BIG TECH now holds the keys to the chains,” she wrote.

Alley went on to suggest that Twitter made the wrong decision by suspending Trump. “If we are going to agree that private businesses like Twitter have a right to discriminate against anyone they want because of politics then we are laying the groundwork for businesses to discriminate against race, gender, religion, sexual persuasion etc..GIANT STEP BACKWARDS,” she wrote.

However, the folks on Twitter did not agree with Alley’s rant and slammed the actress for comparing a ban from social media to slavery.

“Kirstie Alley really just compared a private company banning a person from their platform to slavery. Just when you think the Trump klan couldn’t go any lower, they prove you wrong,” one person wrote.

Another person added, “Kirstie, if you’re more concerned about Trump losing his Twitter account than an armed insurrection to overthrow our government, then your priorities are in the wrong place. Trump directly incited this mob, and Twitter’s actions will save lives.”

Meanwhile, one person noted that it was upsetting to learn a celebrity they admired didn’t live up to their expectations.

“Always disappointing to find out a popular celebrity was never very smart. Big tech taking away social media accounts isn’t called ‘slavery.’ It’s censorship. Those aren’t even close to the same thing,” she wrote.

Trump reportedly went “ballistic” when he learned Twitter permanently suspended his account, according to Politico. As a result, the administration has been scrambling to find alternative ways for Trump to communicate with his supporters.

The White House issued a statement revealing the president had been “negotiating with various other sites” while “we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future.”

Trump has also been suspended from Facebook and Instagram for the remainder of his presidency out of concern he could use the platforms to incite more violence.

Kirstie Alley
Kirstie Alley is a huge Donald Trump supporter. Pictured: Alley backstage at the Zang Toi NYFW show in New York, on Sept. 13, 2011. Reuters