In a shocking video that is going viral, an LA County sheriff's deputy elbowed a woman in the face who seemingly posed no physical threat to him.

The incident happened on a Metro bus earlier this week. It was recorded through a cell phone by Jermaine Green, a U.S. army veteran who also happened to be on the bus.

As seen in the video, the woman's hands were restrained by two sheriff's deputies and did not make any threatening gesture when she was suddenly elbowed in the face.

What is more, Green, speaking to NBC Los Angeles, claims you could tell she had special need (i.e. mental retardation).

Green said when the woman first got on the bus, she was polite and said hello to everyone. Then, at the next stop, two LA County sheriff's deputies got on the bus and told her to get off the bus.

At this point, the woman started cursing at one of the deputies.

Green also claims that one of the deputies tried to intimidate him into handing over the cell phone with which he recorded the video.

NBC LA reported that the sheriff's deputies got on the bus in response to a 911 call from a fellow passenger claiming the woman was threatening people. When they got on the bus, they recognized her and reportedly knew that she had a history of assaulting deputies.

The online reaction against this video, however, is decidedly negative. Some even expressed their disgust of police officers in general.

Another reason why people are losing faith in the police...completely unjust! wrote Christopher Borzin on the NBC LA article's comment section.

Wow, totally unjustified. I usually support law enforcement, but this deputy's actions are out of line, wrote Rod Manchester.

It's sad that someone actually thought this 'man' deserves a gun, badge, and 'authority' over public citizens. We're finding out more and more (sadly) that it's not one bad apple in the bunch,? it's looking for the good apple in a bad bunch, wrote a commenter on a YouTube video showing the incident.