Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga and boyfriend actor Taylor Kinney.

Lady Gaga rocked the stage in Zurich, Switzerland, wearing the same skin-revealing outfits she was criticized for in Amsterdam earlier this week.

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While the media called Lady Gaga fat, after she gained 25 pounds, she started a body revolution, inspiring little monsters all over the globe to be brave and accept their bodies, regardless of excess weight, scars, and other "imperfections."

"Today I join the BODY REVOLUTION. To Inspire Bravery. And BREED some m$therf**king COMPASSION,” Gaga wrote on her official website, after posting pictures of herself in a bra and underwear. "This profile is an extension of that dream. Be brave and celebrate with us your 'perceived flaws,' as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous,” Lady Gaga added.

In Switzerland, she flaunted her body in a G-string and fishnets without seeming to have a concern about the backlash over her weight gain.

Gaga recently said on her blog, that boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, who has appeared in a number of her music videos, has given her fuller figure his stamp of approval. “My boyfriend prefers me curvier,” she wrote. “I'm happy. Happier than I've ever been. I am not going to go on a psycho-spree because of scrutiny. This is who I am. And I am proud at any size.”

She also thanked her fans for their support, as she recently revealed that she has suffered from eating disorders since she was 15.

"My weight/loss/gain since I was a child has tormented me. No amount of help has ever healed my pain about it. But you have," she opined.

Lady Gaga explained her weight gain to radio host Elvin Duran in a recent interview. ““I love eating pasta and pizza. I’m a New York Italian girl. That’s why I have been staying out of New York. My father [Joe Germanotta] opened a restaurant. It's so amazing … it’s so freaking delicious, but I’m telling you I gain five pounds every time I go in there. So my dad wants me to eat at the restaurant, and I’m, like, I’ve got to go where I can drink green juice.”