Vogue Online Shopping Night
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Lady Gaga, the twitter queen, has done it again by leaking her Vogue cover to 8 million of her monsters. She has also posted that her new single “Born This Way “ will be out on Friday instead the Grammy day on Sunday.

Her photo leak has put the Vogue executives in a frenzy to try and take it off the internet before the magazine hits the stands, which now may prove to be an all but futile exercise.

Lady Gaga’s Vogue picture is a little grainy and blurry but reminds one of the early 1900 looks. She has a Lousie Brooks pink bob, bleached eyebrows and a dark berry lipstic and a dress with a dropped waist. She is looking fantastic.

Her reason for tweeting the look is, she says, “They used to call me rabbit teeth in school, and now I'm a real live VOGUE BEAUTY QUEEN!

Lady Gaga has already posted the lyrics of her new song hence releasing the song on Saturday hence for the monsters it will be just and exercise to see how many of them got the tune right.

Vogue may be furious with her for posting the picture but they can hardly do anything about it short of baring her from any future coverage from the magazine, which it cannot afford to do. Getting Gaga on the cover means connecting to her millions of fans out there, and this is publicity the elitist magazine can do with, that of connecting with the hoi polloi.