Lady Gaga, most famous for her outrageous theatrical outfits and bright-hued wigs that she wears at all hours of the day, has uploaded a photo of herself without make-up on her Twitter account.

The 25-year-old singer, who turns 26 on March 28, has uploaded a completely bare-faced make-up free photo of herself on Twitter, which reveals what was hidden beneath the layers of false eyelashes and bright colored lipstick.

Have a beautiful day!! Gaga posted alongside her make-up free photo.

The singer, known as “Mother Monster,” took home the GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding Artist” this weekend.

I'm so proud to win 'Outstanding Artist' for Born This Way album at GLAAD Media Awards. Thank you so much to your organization, she tweeted.

Lets remind the world that the zeitgeist continues to beckon for equality+change. The relevancy of freedom, the ying yang of hatred+love, was Gaga's message.

The picture appears to have been taken in a bathroom with her Blackberry. The singer looks fresh with her hair tied up, wearing a grey tank top and a white flower behind an ear.