Lady Gaga's new music video for 'The Edge of Glory' isn't so much high-fashion as it's very 1980s. In other videos Gaga has taken artisitc license and avant garde fashion to a new level but the best part of this video is the appearance by sax player Clarence Clemons.

The opening of the video kind of looks like a Madonna video spliced with Michael Jackson's video for 'Thriller. It's Gaga in her barely-there leather, dominatix finest dancing on a dark, ominous looking street while Clemons watches from the stoop.

Clemons isn't the only great cameo, Gaga's Versace sunglasses make a comeback for about 30 seconds.

About halfway through we abandon Clemons and his stoop and watch Gaga grind and feel herself up on a fire escape...and then we go back to the stoop for the sax solo...and then Gaga becomes the first person in the history of the world to headbang to a sax solo.

The entire video looks like it could have been Sarah Jessica Parker's dance sequence in 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'...the 'Hustler' remake, particularly when Gaga does some half-ballet, half Ferris Bueller pirouettes in front of Clemons' stoop. By the end of the video Clemons has taken up real estate on the stoop and in light of his recent stroke, let's hope he gets well and heads back to the stoop ASAP.

I suppose there could be some sort of Lady Gaga metaphor buried deep inside this video: Does Gaga hang lustfully out of her window because she's like Juliet and wants Romeo to climb up and push her over her 'edge of glory'? Is she hanging out at home waiting for him to come back for her?

Or is she only dancing on the fire escape because there's ominous pink smoke billowing out of her window and staying inside would trigger an asthma attack?

Gaga also decides towards the end of the video that it might be a good idea to kiss the sidewalk at the base of the stoop. It's reminiscent of the 'Stoop Kid' taunting in that first-season episode of 'Hey Arnold' only with non-Nickelodeon approved sexual connotations.

Either way, this is definitely Gaga's most 'normal' video, which is why it's slightly disappointing. There's no scene changes or elaborate costumes (though, I would like to add her boots to my wardrobe). Maybe the best part of her whole get up in this video is the gold medallion on her 'shirt.' (It's not a shirt, not yet a tank's 'nipple-covering fabric.') It's placed in such a way that it looks like Gaga is the new WWE champion. Oh, and the silk kimono/members only jacket thing she rips off at one point is so ugly it's cool.

Here's hoping the video for 'Hair' comes with some stellar wig action, and here's hoping that she makes a video for 'Government Hooker'...maybe she can use Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner as back-up dancers.