The plot of “The Last Kingdom” Season 4 will take the fans back to the beginning. Filming of the TV series is currently ongoing, and behind-the-scenes pictures of the production set teases the cast and crew filming scenes related to Bebbanburg.

For a long time Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) has been trying to get back to Bebbanburg. In a post on the official Twitter page of the TV series the makers of the show revealed that they are going back to the beginning, to Bebbanburg.

The behind-the-scenes picture of the beautiful location that will be standing in for Bebbanburg was taken by director of photography Tim Palmer. The “awe-inspiring” picture was taken on the last setup of the location for the show.

A few more pictures of the location were shared on the Instagram page of the TV series. The pictures teased the crew members preparing to film a scene with extras dressed as soldiers standing in a line.

Will Uhtred be able to capture and rule over his ancestral lands? The character was last seen trying to help the young Saxon king who had just ascended the throne. There are people in the kingdom who hate the Danish warrior, so it remains to be seen how his journey will turn out in the next season.

A previously released behind-the-scenes video from the production set revealed one of the Saxon locations of the TV series. Cast member Eliza Butterworth, who is reprising her role as Aelswith on the show, appeared in the video and said that she and the team behind the TV series hope the fans will enjoy what they are making for them this year.

“The Last Kingdom” Season 4 will be released on Netflix. The producers are yet to announce an exact release date and the new cast members of the show.