Samira Wiley
"Orange is the New Black" writer Lauren Morelli (not pictured) took to Twitter after she filed for divorce. She is now dating Poussey actress Samira Wiley. Reuters

“Orange Is the New Black” writer Lauren Morelli responded to the attention she received after she filed for divorce from husband Steve Basilone after she discovered she was a lesbian while working on the hit Netflix show. Morelli was married to her husband for five months before she realized she was gay.

“It’s a noisy place, this world,” she wrote on Twitter Saturday to her nearly 16,000 followers. The message was retweeted 82 times and favorite 123 times.

Even though it was the first time most people found out she left her husband and started to date Poussey Washington actress Samira Wiley, Morelli has been opened about her sexuality for months. She wrote a coming out essay for Identities.Mic and since then she hasn’t hid that she’s a lesbian. “I am now out to my family, my friends and most of my co-workers on Orange (and now to you, dear reader),” she said in the essay. “Now, when I am in the writers' room or on set, I no longer feel like I am stuck in the middle of two truths.”

When the article first came out she thanked her followers for their support. Since then she’s occasionally written about her sexuality.

Season 3 of “OITNB” is slated to debut in June or July 2015. Laura Prepon, a fan favorite, will reprise her character Alex Vause as a season regular. She teased there will be a major sex scene with co-star Taylor Schilling.

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