Leaked recordings featuring the conversations of astronauts who were part of NASA’s Apollo 15 lunar mission hinted at alien structures on the Moon. In the recordings, the astronauts talked about encountering strange organized tracks on the Moon during their mission.

Apollo 15 was launched on July 26, 1971 and served as NASA’s fourth successful mission to the moon. It was the ninth crewed mission for the space agency’s Apollo program.

The astronauts David Scott, James Irwin and Alfred Worden were selected for the mission. Scott and Irwin landed on the Moon through the Falcon module while Worden stayed in orbit aboard the Endeavor spacecraft.

During their stay on the Moon, UFO enthusiasts claimed Scott and Irwin encountered alien structures on the surface based on recordings of their conversations with Mission Control. These conversations were featured in UFOlogist Don Wilson’s book “Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon.”

According to the book, Irwin and Scott came across the structures as they were going through the Appenine Mountains in the Moon’s Hadley-Appenine region.

“Tracks here as we go down slope,” Irwin told Mission Control.

“Just follow the tracks,” Mission Control replied.

According to the astronauts, the strange tracks layered one of the mountains in the region. Irwin noted that the tracks appeared organized and had the same thickness from end to end.

“That’s the most organized structure I’ve ever seen,” Irwin said.

The astronauts’ conversations led many UFO enthusiasts to believe that Irwin and Scott encountered actual alien structures on the Moon. If these were natural features on the lunar surface, they wouldn’t appear so organized and uniformed.

Theories regarding the encounters of NASA’s astronauts with aliens and UFO’s on the Moon began after the success of Apollo 11, the space’s agency’s first human lunar mission.

Many of these theories started after dozens of NASA tapes from the mission disappeared. According to conspiracy theorists, NASA deliberately destroyed these tapes to cover up the bizarre events that took place during the mission.

In response, NASA noted that some of the tapes may have already been discarded because they were no longer needed.

“An intensive search of archives and records concluded that the most likely scenario was the program managers determined there was no longer a need to keep the tapes – since all the video and data were recorded elsewhere – and they were erased and reused,” NASA said in a statement.

Astronaut David Scott sits in the lunar roving vehicle during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. NASA