It didn’t take long for Cleveland to re-embrace LeBron James.

One hour after James announced he would return to the Cavaliers, a billboard in downtown Cleveland quickly popped up displaying James in his old No. 23 jersey.

Four years after shunning the Cavs by signing with the Miami Heat, James stated in an article written for Sports Illustrated that he intends to bring a championship to Cleveland for the first time in 50 years. He also admitted it might take some time, even longer than it took when he first teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

But James’s honesty, and the forgiveness he showed towards owner Dan Gilbert and the Cleveland fans that burned his jersey in effigy, shows his second run with the Cavs might be very different.

But how different will it be?

Will his new jersey still fly off the racks in Cleveland? Will the Cavs adhere to all of James’s demands as well as those of his posse? If the team falls into a funk and doesn’t win right away, will James or the Cavs panic?

Or will James expect the same kind of adulation he received during his first seven years in Cleveland?

The billboard is likely the first of many that will feature James’s return, but it also begs the question of whether Nike will bring back some form of the now infamous “We Are All Witnesses” billboard that sat right across from Quicken Loans Arena and spawned a sensation around the country. It was also the first public sign of James to be taken down when he left for Miami.

We reached out to Nike earlier about their future plans for James’s return, and if they would bring back the old billboard, but haven’t heard back.

It’s possible we’ll see some form of “We Are All Witnesses.”