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It looks like we could be getting "Left for Dead 3" before "Half Life 3" ever sees the light of day. A group of "Dota 2" players were being given a tour of Valve's offices and someone snapped a photo of a Valve monitor which indicates that Valve is working on "Left For Dead 3." Check out the photo below.

L4D3 Valve
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This comes after we reported in June that supposed internal Valve documents indicated that both "Half Life 3" and "Left for Dead 3" were in development. What's more, we reported that a Russian-based "Left for Dead 3" countdown site popped up a few weeks ago, though it's unknown whether the site is related to the June leak and this latest image snapped directly at Valve's offices.

While the above image is the strongest indicator yet of a "Left for Dead 3" release, we remain skeptical. Allowing such seemingly concrete evidence to escape the confines of its walls doesn't seem like something Valve would allow to happen.

Here's another possibility: could this be an intentional smokescreen by Valve to get the gaming world to talk about "Left for Dead 3," only to hit us with a earth-shattering "Half Life 3" announcement later this month at Gamescom 2013? After all, Valve will be in the house during the event, which runs from August 21 - August 25.

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What do you think of the image snapped in Valve's offices? Do you think "Left for Dead 3" is being developed? Do you think "Left for Dead 3" will be released first, or will "Half Life 3" come before a "Left for Dead 2" sequel? Sound off in the comments below.