Graeme McComb is grateful to be part of Martin Stein’s journey on CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow.”

In a recent interview with Hidden Remote, McComb said that playing young Stein in Season 3, episode 9 — which served as the proper sendoff for the late character — was “an absolute honor.” The actor, who has recurred on the show since Season 1, added that he feels so much “gratitude” to be able to portray the character even for a few episodes.

Stein (Victor Garber) was killed by Earth-X Nazis in last month’s four-way crossover between “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow.” But in Season 3, episode 9 of the superhero team-up show, the Waverider crew was surprised when they encountered a time-displaced young Stein. Jax (Franz Drameh) tried to warn young Stein of his impending death, but when young Stein realized that his eventual passing comes after living a full life, the physicist refused to change his fate and decidedly burned the warning letter Jax gave him.

“I’m not gonna cheat death, Jefferson,” young Stein told his Firestorm partner Jax. “None of us live together. And if I had one wish, it wouldn’t be for me to prolong my life, it would be for you to live yours and to have the happiness you deserve.”

McComb said that filming that heartwarming scene wasn’t really hard for him. “Shooting the scene actually came with such ease,” McComb told Hidden Remote.” I was already so invested in the character and I had a great deal of weight to work within that scene but also in the storyline, but for an actor, that’s what we thrive on.”

After his conversation with young Stein, Jax returned to the Waverider and told Sara (Caity Lotz) that he would never be able to move on from Stein’s death if he stayed on the ship. So he decided to leave the team and come back to 2017 Central City.

While Jax will no longer be a regular face on the show, Entertainment Weekly reported that the door is open for the character to pop up again in the future. As to whether fans have seen the last of McComb on the show, the actor said, “I am uncertain of Young Stein’s future. Only time will tell!”

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“Legends of Tomorrow” returns from hiatus with an all-new episode on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.