Clayne Crawford as Riggs
“Lethal Weapon” executive producer Matt Miller said that Riggs (Clayne Crawford) was already broken long before his wife Miranda (Floriana Lima) died. Fox/Darren Michaels

Miranda’s death isn’t the only reason why Riggs is still hurting.

“Lethal Weapon” executive producer Matt Miller told TVLine that viewers will learn early in Season 2 of the Fox series that Riggs (Clayne Crawford) was already broken long before his wife Miranda (Floriana Lima) died. “What we start to realize is that it wasn’t simply that he was mourning the death of his wife, but that this guy was broken long before that, in early childhood,” Miller said.

According to the news outlet, fans will learn more about Riggs’ childhood through his therapy sessions with Cahill (Jordana Brewster). And as previously reported, there will also be some flashback scenes involving a teenage version of Riggs (Chase Mangum) and his dad (Rex Linn), which will help the viewers understand the troubled cop’s present-day issues.

Season 2 will also introduce two of Riggs’ childhood friends, Molly (Lyn Collins) and Jake (Linds Edwards). According to The Hollywood Reporter, Molly moves from Texas to Los Angeles so her 8-year-old son could grow closer to his father, Jake, while he’s in prison. Although Jake is Riggs’ childhood best friend, Miller told TVLine that Molly might end up as a new love interest for Riggs.

Meanwhile, Riggs’ partner, Murtaugh (Damon Wayans), will be preoccupied with pressing family matters in Season 2. According to TVLine, RJ (Dante Brown) heads to college this season and Riana (Chandler Kinney) is going to be arrested.

Murtaugh, who is happily married with Trish (Keesha Sharp), will also deal with the arrival of LAPD Chief Gina Santos (Michelle Hurd) at the department’s robbery-homicide division. Murtaugh has a past with Santos so he’s immediately freaked out when he sees her at the division.

“There was an incident [between Murtaugh and Santos] many years ago,” Miller told TVLine. “[Murtaugh] explains to Riggs that they were on a stakeout late one night, they were in the car together, and ‘Dancing in September’ came on the radio. They both reached to turn the volume up, and their fingers hit and ‘lingered.’”

Miller said that the intimate moment has taken on a deeper meaning in Murtaugh’s mind because he considers it as “a major source of sexual tension that is basically a chasm between the two of them.” The executive producer said that Murtaugh eventually called Santos on it, but she claimed that “she has no recollection of the incident.”

“Lethal Weapon” Season 2 premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at 8 p.m. EDT on Fox.