Leiby Kletzky
Leiby Kletzky, 8, found murdered in home of Levi Aron, 35. NYPD

Brooklynite Levi Aron confessed to killing 8-year-old Chasidic child Leiby Kletzky, in what is one of the most grisly murders to hit the greater New York area in a while.

Police found Leiby Kletzky's remains in a refrigerator at Levi Aron's Brooklyn apartment.

But who was Levi Aron, Brooklyn resident?

Aron was a seeming mild-mannered maintenance supply worker, whose neighbors said he prayed at a local synagogue daily.

I can't believe this. He was a strange guy, but he was here yesterday and he was fine after killing this little boy, one of Levi Aron's co-workers told Brooklyn media.

One of Levi Aron's former neighbors in Brooklyn reported that he was disturbed.

I kept my kids away from that house, the neighbor told The Jewish Week.

Still he Aron as praying daily at a local Brooklyn synagogue.

A massive search led by the local Brooklyn Chasidic community for the missing 8-year-old led police to Levi Aron's Brooklyn apartment, where sources say he implicated himself in the murder of the Chasidic boy.

Aron allegedly gestured toward the kitchen when asked about the whereabouts of the boy.

Part of Kletzky's dismembered remains were found in Aron's refrigerator, and the rest were found inside a red suitcase that had been tossed into a nearby dumpster.

Surveillance video shows Leiby asking Aron for directions after he got lost on his way to meet his parents.

Although the video does not show what happened to the boy after speaking with Aron, investigators have confirmed that the boy got into Aron's 1990 Honda Accord.

Police Commissioner Kelly said that the massive search launched to find Leiby spooked Aron into doing the unthinkable: He panicked, and that is why he killed the boy. It is believed that Leiby was suffocated before Aron cut up his body.

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