LG Quad HD
The Quad HD is the world's thinnest and highest-resolution screen. LG Display

LG Display (NYSE:LPLP), the world’s largest LCD panel maker, has developed a screen that aims to put all others to shame. LG Displays calls the display the "Quad HD" because of its 2,560 x 1,440 resolution, which is four times the amount of pixels in current full HD screens.

That’s 538 pixels per inch. As a comparison, Apple’s Retina display on the iPhone and iPod Touch only features about 326ppi.

The Quad HD features a 5.5-inch display and is only 1.21mm thick, approximately 12 percent thinner than the 5.2-inch display that LG Display released last month. In addition to featuring the most pixels, LG Display claims the Quad HD is the “world’s slimmest and narrowest panel.”

Mobile Magazine reported that the Quad HD display uses IPS tech and Low Temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) substrate, providing 430 nits of brightness.

While the specs are certainly impressive, it just may be overkill. Only videos filmed in 4K resolution will make use of the extra pixels, and the full HD screens already look pretty good. It’s unclear how much more expensive a Quad HD screen will make a smartphone, but it may not be worth it, at least as things are right now.

It's unlikely that anyone will be able to purchase a phone with a Quad HD screen anyway. LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the LG G2, features the company’s recent 5.2-inch display. LG is rumored to be making the Nexus 5, but most reports say it will be similar in specs to the LG G2.

What do you think about the Quad HD display? Would you like it for your phone, or is it just unnecessary? Let us know in the comments.