Tammy Rivera
On “Love & HIp Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 12, Tammy Rivera will show Waka Flocka a side of her he’s never seen before. VH1

Although the ladies in “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6 are looking to have a relaxing girls trip while in Jamaica, on episode 12, “Jamaican Flavor,” it looks like their personal drama will get in the way of their tranquil getaway.

“Waka moves back into the house but is surprised by Tammy’s independence,” the synopsis for the VH1 series teases.

In the promo clip for the episode, Waka Flocka can be seen asking Tammy Rivera why she stays out so late. Tammy then informs him that work keeps her busy.

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Although Waka and Tammy’s relationship isn’t on the most stable ground since the rapper cheated on his wife, the couple is slowly attempting to fix their relationship. However, since Waka has been gone, Tammy has been focusing on her career, and has even stepped into the studio. Although she is discovering a new side of herself, it’s clear that her busy schedule which keeps her out of the house, isn’t sitting well with her husband.

Meanwhile, Rasheeda will also be dealt a big surprise regarding her relationship with Kirk Frost, after a young man is seen in the promo clip visiting her in her store and revealing that he believes he is the father of Jasmine Washington’s baby.

“Later, Rasheeda is shocked by a surprise visitor who has news about Jasmine’s baby,” a synopsis for the episode read.

This new information could make a big difference in Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship. After learning that Kirk had an affair with Jasmine, Rasheeda kicked him out of the family home and contemplated divorcing him. Throughout this situation, Rasheeda has shared with her friends how hurt she is over Kirk’s indiscretion, and how she is struggling to deal with his behavior. Could this new young man really be the father of Jasmine’s baby? What will this mean for Kirk and Rasheeda’s future?

Elsewhere, it looks like a fun vacation will turn into a heated confrontation. What initially looks like an exciting vacation for Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd and their friends, soon gets interrupted by Karlie’s ex-boyfriend.

“The gals’ trip to Jamaica gets off to a rocky start with uninvited crashers,” the synopsis for the VH1 series states.

After seeing the ladies dance and joke around during the trip, the promo cuts to the evening, showing the women enjoying themselves at dinner.

However, Jessica Dime spots Joc and Treasure P entering the establishment and the two make their way over to the table. “Why would you ruin our trip?” Karlie can be seen asking Joc, who looks a bit confused from his encounter with the women.

Last viewers saw of Karlie and Joc, the former couple wasn’t on the best terms with one another. Karlie was hurt when she learned that Joc was seeing her enemy, Tommie Lee, at the same time that he was dating her.

After getting her revenge and having a heart to heart conversation with her former beau, it seemed like the two were back on good terms, with Karlie even inviting Joc to her store opening. However, Karlie arrived with “Black Ink Crew’ star Ceaser Emanuel on her arm, letting her guests know that the two are together.

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In the promo, Joc can be seen congratulating Ceaser on his new relationship and wishing him the best of luck dealing with the all of the drama that Karlie comes with. Could Joc’s Jamaica trip with Treasure be his revenge against Karlie after playing him for a fool?

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” Season 6, episode 12, airs at 8 p.m. EDT on VH1.