While last month’s record-breaking temperatures do not seem to cool down, central and southern states continued to suffer in sizzling heat today and the heat wave is expected to expand eastward as the week continues.

High temperature records were broken or tied a staggering 2,676 times in July which is almost double the number of a year ago, according to the published data from forecasters.

After release of the data, excessive heat warnings were issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) for 12 states in the East Coast and the Midwest. At least 17 states report heat advisories as well.

A heat warning means a long period of detrimentally hot temperatures creating a heat index of at least 110 degrees while a heat advisory means a period of hot temperatures, which is a slightly less elevated risk.

The brutal heat wave so far has killed over 22 people in the U.S. last month.

The sweltering heat will not only bring the risk of heat-related illness but also turn to be life-threatening, if not treated.

Check out lifesaving tips on heat wave safety and heat disorder symptoms, provided by the NWS to keep you safe during this heat wave:

(Contents contributed by the NWS.)

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