Lights Out movie
Teresa Palmer is haunted by a ghost attracted to darkness in Warner Bros. “Lights out.” Roadshow Films

Sure, the “Lights Out” movie is based on the popular YouTube short of the same title. But for those who think they already know the ending going into the David F. Sandberg directed horror film, think again!

“Lights Out” producer Lawrence Grey revealed to International Business Times at CinemaCon 2016 that the monster shown at the end of the YouTube short has a different look from the feature film’s antagonist Diana. Lawrence shared that Warner Bros. “completely reimagined” the ghostly entity for the big screen.

“As brilliant as the short is, it’s a 2-minute short that the director did for no money in his apartment. Now that we have all the bells and whistles we decided to go really deep into the mythology,” Grey told IBT of the film, which follows a family haunted by a ghost that only comes out in the dark. Early on in production the filmmakers began cultivating the monster’s look alongside Oscar-winning makeup effect artist and prosthetic designer Matthew Mungle in hopes the character would be “incredibly real.”

“One of the things that was great early on was that we go into connecting mythology and character design very early in the script development process, which is something very rare and for most horror films, that’s the last thing you do,” Grey said. “We wanted the cinematic aspects of the movie to connect to character and theme.”

While the trailers for “Lights Out” don’t spoil any scares by showing the ghostly creature, star Teresa Palmer has teased Diana was scary enough to frighten both her and her 2-year-old son Bodhi on set.

“We didn’t use CGI, so the actress was in a black rubber suit with straggly hair,” Palmer told Us Weekly in their Aug. 1 print issue. “It raised hairs on my neck. I couldn’t have my toddler on set. He’d scream and cry.”

“Lights Out” hits theaters Friday.