Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan seems to be turning things around. Reuters

Lindsay Lohan has Judge Stephanie Sautner to thank for such a stellar probation period -- and what appears to be a revived career -- and she knows it.

TMZ reported that not only is Lohan is thankful to the tough judge for keeping an extra eye on the troubled actress -- and making her appear in court on a monthly basis -- but she's also telling people close to her about the gratitude she feels.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Probably not, but it could mean that Lohan's next court date, which is scheduled for Wednesday morning, according to TMZ, should make for smooth sailing as the she nears the end of her probation period, which is scheduled to end next month if she does what she's supposed to do.

Lohan has been doing far better in the past few months than she has, well, in the past few years.

A recent announcement that she will host the Mar. 3 episode of Saturday Night Live has fans wondering whether the troubled actress has finally gotten her act together.

A court hearing back in December certainly signaled a turn for the better. Sautner praised Lohan for completing her court-ordered community service work early and for attending an extra therapy session, TMZ reported.

Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work, Sautner said at the time.

Lohan's recent work consists of posing nude for Playboy's January/February issue, in a spread channeling the late, iconic actress Marilyn Monroe.

Playboy's bigwig Hugh Hefner praised the actress' photos as very classy to The Insider, and later tweeted that the issue was breaking sales records.

It wasn't the first time Lohan channeled an iconic actress who once embodied all that was considered beautiful and feminine.

She posed for a Grace Kelly-inspired photo shoot and cover story for Vanity Fair's October 2010 issue -- and looked quite gorgeous.

I want my career back, she told the magazine at the time.

There is also talk that Lohan will play the late Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime television movie titled Liz and Dick, which will look at that actress' relationship with late actor Richard Burton.

But the role is conditional, according to an Access Hollywood report: Lohan must behave and follow the court's orders.

If Lohan does end up playing Taylor, then this role, along with her other opportunities, will, ideally, signal the beginning of a second shot at a successful career.

Lohan, keep up the good work!