• Lindsey Graham was swarmed by Trump supporters Friday
  • They chanted "traitor" and hurled obscenities, threatening he would be dogged "forever"
  • Graham attracted the ire of Trump supporters by blaming Trump for the D.C. riots and calling those involved "domestic terrorists"

Senator Lindsey Graham has gotten another taste of the pro-Trump furor he once encouraged as a crowd of Trump supporters forced him to leave an airport terminal, chanting “traitor.” Donald Trump’s supporters turned on Graham, R-S.C., after he lambasted the people involved in Washington, D.C.’s riots and voted to certify the electoral college vote.

The incident occurred Friday at Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Va., where Graham appeared to be waiting in a terminal. Police are present as he’s surrounded by shouting Trump supporters and eventually escorted away, the crowd following him to hurl insults and profanity.

[Warning: The following video contains profane language.]

“Lindsey Graham, you are a traitor to our country. You know it was rigged,” one woman shouts. “You garbage human being. It’s gonna be like this forever, wherever you go for the rest of your life. Audit the vote!”

[Warning: The following video contains profanity.]

As Graham left the terminal, a woman can be heard shouting, “One day, they will not be able to walk down the street. It is today.”

That woman wears a shirt with the letter “Q,” symbol for the QAnon conspiracy theorists. The presence of that ideology’s followers is reinforced as Graham moves down the hall, and someone can be heard talking about “sex traffickers,” a central piece of a QAnon theory.

Lindsey Graham
Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Oct. 22, 2020 in Washington, D.C. Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Graham has been added to the long list of Trump’s enemies after he blamed Trump for the riots in the capital, calling those involved "domestic terrorists.”

In addition to Graham’s break with the president over the riots in Washington D.C., Graham inflamed the ire of Trump’s supporters by refusing to join the eight Senators in opposition to certifying the vote of the electoral college.