xbox live
Xbox Live, just one network Lizard Squad claims it took down. Courtesy/Microsoft

Hacker group Lizard Squad conducted an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit late Thursday night, inviting users to inquire about their latest slew of attention-grabbing antics. The group is claiming responsibility for taking down PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, "World of Warcraft" and multiplayer online battle game “League of Legends” earlier this week.

During the AMA, the group joked about crashing Facebook and responded to a number of questions regarding their next target. "It would be nice to do, but Facebook have a large infrastructure that can sustain the largest cyber attacks," Lizard Squad answered.

When asked if it would attack Comcast, Lizard Squad replied with “a bunch of Jews already did and stole the fun.”

The thread currently consists of more than 900 comments from users with a variety of viewpoints, some praising the hackers for their recent activities. Though the gaming community does seem somewhat annoyed with the hacktivists, it also seems fascinated with the individual or group that seemed to easily infiltrate Sony and Microsoft’s online gaming networks.

“I am curious if you guys see the long-term repercussions of what you are doing. I'm not talking about the SWAT coming and pounding down your door. I'm talking about giving the government reasons to enforce stricter internet regulations,” user cuz_im_nice asked the group. “The things you guys are doing just adds on to the pile of evidence they are collecting to justify laws that take away our internet freedom.”

This particular user echoed a number of other commenters who feared online activity would be more heavily regulated after Lizard Squad’s destructive activities – which include grounding an American Airlines flight with Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley onboard by bomb threat on Sunday.

Lizard Squad didn’t offer many serious answers to legitimate questions, choosing to reply with brief, noncommittal remarks to a number of users whose inquiries were somewhere along the lines of “what’s your favorite chocolate?” (Dark chocolate, in case you were wondering.)

However, the hacker group, which allies itself with the Islamic State, the Middle East extremist group, did call the airline bomb threat “funny as f---" and admitted “there isn’t much morality behind Lizard Squad.”

Lizard Squad claims its mission is to expose government corruption and to fight the corporate greed of large companies like Sony and Microsoft. User bkerensa inquired why Lizard Squad chose to target gaming networks as a method of exposing this type of activity. “Why not banks or more greedy companies?” bkerensa asked.

“Game networks have a lot more people who will rage and give us attention. Banks, however, have employees, and I guess they have customers, but most of them aren't the Twitter type of folk,” Lizard Squad replied.

Yes, Lizard Squad is getting massive amounts of attention from the press and online gaming community for its illegal actions, but how long will it last? Earlier this week, the group taunted the FBI and authorities via Twitter, claiming it wasn't afraid of being apprehended.

The AMA concluded after a few hours, but left many Reddit users wondering what type of individual chooses to potentially destroy his or her future for a brief stint at Internet infamy.

“Personally I want to understand the people behind it. They must be loners, feel like outcasts, etc. Do they not realize they get no longstanding fame whatsoever? I think it's a sad attempt for a quick 15mins of fame,” user batergator said. “I find it a bit odd people do so much for attention, ruining their lives, when basically nobody will remember you for a simple ddos in a year while you rot behind bars thinking what could have been with your life.”