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Despite the fact that Riot Games hasn't announced the next "League of Legends" patch yet, we all know it's coming. With that in mind, here are five things we want to see in the next "League of Legends" update.

1. Make More Support Items

Support is the most boring role you could play in "League of Legends." While any of the other roles force you to be right in the thick of the action (and fun), supports in "League of Legends" are usually avoiding combat. Support tasks include putting down sight wards to detect enemy gank attempts, healing teammates and maybe initiating, if you're playing a tanky support like Leona.

In general, supporting is the least fun you could have in "LoL." For this reason, Riot Games should make more support items to make supporting more attractive and fun. After all, someone has to do it, so might as well give supports more cool tools to work with.

2. Make More Supports

Again, supporting is boring. Even if you like to support (like we once did), eventually it will get pretty dry. We've all experienced the feeling of emptyness, gazing upon teammates with envy as they hack as slash. Meanwhile, you're left in the back, doing the boring stuff like healing, shielding and buffing while your allies get to have all the fun.

With that in mind, Riot Games should make more support champions to add variety to a role that's otherwise pretty bland and flavorless compared to all the other combat-oriented roles.

3. No New Gap Closers, Please...

Riot Games has to put a cap on making champions with abilities that allow them to quickly close ground. It's one thing to play against a gap closer that's squishy like Ezreal or Kassadin, but tanky gap closers like Lee Sin or gap closers that can dash multiple times in the span of mere seconds like Ahri take it too far. Let's also not forget Fizz, who closes gaps and has an ability that makes him untargetable. Ridiculous.....

Please Riot, don't make any more gap closers. There are enough of them already. Speaking of Fizz.....

4. No New Untargetable Champions

Seriously, how is this fair? A champion with an ability that makes him virtually invulnerable. Please Riot, explain that one. It's enough that Fizz is a gap closer, you have to give him an ability that makes him untargetable too? Lord.....

5. Bring Back Warmogs And Force of Nature

These items were unnecessarily removed from the game, nor were Warmogs and Force of Nature OP (overpowered in "LoL" slang). It's not like they were being abused. Riot needs to add tanky items, not subtract them.