Kanye West and Jay-Z
Entertainer Kanye West performs with Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter at a taping of the BET Channel's show "106th and Park" in New York Reuters

Put two rap superstars together and you just might have something worth listening to.

"Watch the Throne," a collaborative album of Kanye West and Jay-Z, is already generating quite a thrill less than a week before its release date. A private listening session Monday night at the New York Museum of Natural History already has music writers salivating.

Global Grind said the album "boasted lyrics that left a lot of the rap game's bad habit of glorifying materialism behind and connected to the souls of each listener."

The music blog "Idolator" is also raving about the album and complimented the variety of songs. "What saves it from being big for the sake of big is its depth," they said.

The website Soul Culture pointed out how both rappers complement each other, saying the album "feels like a Kanye record in terms of musical vision-with artful arrangements and a rock-opera sense of the dramatic-but Jay leads off the rapping, setting the lyrical pace and a certain dark momentum."

Newsday reported that the album "is a mix of old-school beats and new-school construction. It's socially conscious and often inspirational, but it also has moments of fun."

Sounds like a collaborative bromance worth waiting for.

The album will hit stores on August 8.