Louis Tomlinson
Singer Louis Tomlinson of One Direction performs on ABC's "Good Morning America" inside Central Park in New York in 2013. Reuters/Lucas Jackson

Louis Tomlinson was an avid fan of Green Day and wished he could have written every song Ed Sheeran did. This is just some of what he shared in a telling interview before the official launching of One Direction’s fifth album, “Made in the A.M.”

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Tomlinson shared his inspirations and the songs that were integral for his growth as a musician. He also shared the meanings of some of the new songs that 1D is putting out, denying the idea that one of these, “History” is about the departure of Zayn Malik from the band.

According to Tomlinson, he was once obsessed with Green Day and the first album he ever purchased with his own money was “Bullet in a Bible.” He bought the album when he was 18, and while that seems old to purchase one's first-ever album, the band’s songwriter said he is proud he did not download it illegally.

Asked what song of other artists that he wished he written, Tomlinson replied, “every Ed Sheeran song ever.” The band after all has a strong connection with the soulful British musician since Sheeran has written for three out of five One Direction albums. Tomlinson explained that Sheeran has a way of making simple stuff sound great and all his songs are “relatable.”

As for the newly released “History,” Tomlinson clarified that the song is not about Malik. Regardless of what fans might think and what the lyrics might insinuate, Tomlinson said it was more about their journey as a band and their relationship with their fans.

Fans of the band are not letting them down either. Refinery29 reports that the fans went to a frenzied state when they listened to the latest single, “End of the Day,” on Spotify, especially when Tomlinson can be heard singing his highest note yet on this song. Some took to Twitter to voice their admiration. The song is part of this anticipated fifth album, which is set to drop on Friday.

This is the band’s last album before they go into a hiatus. Fans who can't wait three days can also download “End of the Day” and few other tracks on iTunes now.

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