Love is Blind
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 27: A general view of the atmosphere during the Netflix's Love is Blind VIP viewing party at City Winery on February 27, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Netflix

"Love Is Blind" Season 3 star Sikiru "SK" Alagbada is breaking his silence following the cheating scandal that led to his November 2022 split with co-star Raven Ross.

In an interview with People, SK addressed the red flags in his relationship as well as the cheating scandal in which several women claimed he had relationships with them while he was dating and engaged to Raven.

"I do want to deeply express my sincere apology to Raven for the hurt and embarrassment that I caused her," SK said. "I'm not proud of how I conducted myself. I conducted myself in a way that's making me take a step back and reflect."

SK insisted that his decision to speak out about the scandal wasn't his attempt at "an apology tour," instead it was about taking accountability.

While the "Love Is Blind" denied physically cheating on Raven, he admitted to having an "inappropriate" conversation with another woman. However, SK claimed he wasn't the only one who made mistakes during their relationship.

SK revealed Raven was in contact with a successful older gentleman who she previously spoke about during season 3 of the Netflix series.

"After we started dating again, I discovered that she had, in fact, continued to be in communication with this older guy — both while we were filming and while we were together dating," SK said.

When the couple began dating again following their failed trip at the altar, SK claimed they took five trips.

During at least two different occasions, he "personally witnessed incidents of communication between her and this older guy — whether him still blowing up her phone, trying to call or FaceTime her, or even a text message that talked about the possibility of them having kids together."

SK alleged the communication with the older man continued after Raven and SK were committed in an exclusive relationship. Raven later told the outlet that SK's allegations were "completely untrue."

The Netflix star went on to suggest that he noticed other red flags about Raven during their relationship but didn't address them.

SK claims they took a "pivotal" trip to New Orleans in May 2022 to meet Raven's mother. While there, he realized their "priorities were not aligned."

Toward the end of the trip, SK and Raven had a serious conversation about their short-term goals that changed SK's confidence in their future together.

"In that conversation, most of what I got out of it was, 'I'm not ready to settle down now. I'm not ready to start a family, move to the suburbs, whatever normal married people do, or people who want to settle down,'" SK recalled.

"The conversation was more around, 'Oh, I just really want to build my brand, I just really want to work on my business.' I was stunned, and I was like, 'What about us? Where do we fall in this whole short-term picture?'"

Against his better judgment, SK continued his relationship with Raven even though he was ready to settle down and expand their family. "In retrospect, I wish I'd ended things at that time," he said.

"At the same time, I blame no one but myself. The reality is, I felt like Raven and I were focused on two different things."

Despite his reservations, SK proposed to Raven once again, but the cheating scandal quickly ended their relationship. Although SK finds it "very interesting" that his ex moved on to a new man shortly after their break up, SK has "nothing but well wishes" for Raven.