After dragging it out for two nights, Wednesday's "Love Island" episode finally gave the fans what they wanted: a recoupling ceremony.

Things were going just as anyone could have guessed. Elizabeth picked Zac, Alexandra picked Dylan, and Aissata picked Yamen, leaving the fate of the remaining men (Eric, Anton, Jered, Weston) in the hands of Kyra, Emily, and Kelsey.

First up out of the three ladies was Emily. The brunette beauty made her way out of what was starting to look like a love triangle and chose... Weston. The decision rocked Kelsey, who was previously coupled-up with and had been falling for him. What came next was something that none of the Islanders saw coming.

"I came into this villa with an open heart and open mind. I genuinely came in here looking for love, and even though I didn't find that, I met some amazing people along the way," Kelsey said. "Right now, I think I need to do what's best for me. So right now, I choose to remove myself from the villa."

Mic drop. Jaw drop. Whatever you want to call it, you go girl.

With Kelsey's self-elimination, Kyra was left to decide the fates of Eric, Jered, and Anton. So who did she choose? Newcomer Jered, leaving viewers to say goodbye to Eric and Anton.

After the shocking recoupling ceremony, Caro and Ray spent a night in the Hideaway and grew closer, while Dylan and Alexandra also got to go on a romantic date.

The next day the Islanders participated in a game called "Dunk In Love" where they had to prove how well they know each other. Turns out they didn't know each other very well because practically everyone got dunked.

The couples seem to be settling into their new pairings, but in true "Love Island" fashion, that won't last long. America must vote for their favorite couple, which means someone is going home.

Find out who America voted for and who's on the chopping block Thursday night.

"Love Island" airs weeknights at 8 pm on CBS.

Love Island - Aissata Diallo and Yamen Sander
Love Island - Pictured: Aissata Diallo and Yamen Sanders. New one-hour episodes continue every weeknight through Wednesday, August 7 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) Screen Grabf/CBS Entertainment