From unscripted to scripted -- Kyra Green from CBS' "Love Island" landed a role on the network's hit soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful."

Kyra won't just be a one-timer though. The 22-year-old Harlem native snagged herself a role on two episodes as a model -- which she's actually done before in real life. She's also acted before but revealed to People that it's been quite a while since her last paying gig. 

"I was so nervous since it was my first acting job since my Kidz Bop days when I was like 10," she shared, adding that "I’ve always loved acting, so I’m so excited to be getting back into it." 

Kyra gained popularity after appearing on "Love Island," the U.S version of the UK phenom of the same name. She was eliminated just before the final ceremony where America determined which couple would be crowned the winners of "Love Island" and ultimately win the grand prize of $100,000.

Although the Los Angeles resident didn't win the show, she did technically still "win" because she ended up finding love -- which is the whole point of "Love Island" -- with fellow Islander Cashel Burnett.

The dark-haired beauty has obviously been living her best life since appearing on reality television (a YouTube channel with Cashel, CBS acting gig, and music with her band 212Green) but there are still some things about the island that she missed. 

“The real world can be overwhelming, in the villa you just have each other,” she explained. “No phones and no social media, which honestly is such an amazing feeling and so rare for our generation. I miss that the most, not being connected to my phone all day. I’ve tried to change my ways somewhat being back.”

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekdays on CBS.