Pet owners in the US are looking at the lower-cost option of cremation rather than burial of their deceased pets as the economic downturn continues to affect them.

A report by the Los Angeles Times states that pet owners are lured by an $80 expense on cremation as compared to a burial, which is $800 on average.

There are about 291 pet cemeteries and pet crematories in the US that offer both burial and cremation services. However, most cemeteries have suffered due to the economic crisis as pet owners have started opting more for cremation services.

The Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery in Huntington Beach, California, which opened in 1961, is one such cemetery that has faced the crunch. Some of its customers, who had pre-selected memorial property for their pets, ended up going in for cremation.

The cemetery now provides cremation services for pets and returns the remains to owners in an urn. To benefit the maximum from cremation, the cemetery also sells these urns, which are available in different styles and sizes to choose from.

However, according to the Sea Breeze Pet Cemetery, there are customers who just want their pets’ ashes be interred on cemetery grounds upon cremation.

Have a look at some of the latest pictures of the pet cemetery in Huntington Beach below.