• Lowering high blood pressure is a health problem that confronts many
  • There are ways on how to lower blood pressure, and one of them is through an effective supplement
  • The basis of this efficacy comes from the island people of Central America

Having high blood pressure can be very tough to deal with. Patients need to find ways and means on how to lower blood pressure daily; else, they would suffer the symptoms of having high blood pressure. Health experts have advocated for healthy lifestyle changes to help control blood pressure levels. There are also foods that one could eat to help lower the numbers. One supplement can greatly help patients with high blood pressure.

Cocoa Powder

One of the supplements that you can have in order to lower high blood pressure is cocoa powder. This helps by improving the circulation of nitric oxide levels in the body. You could either have this in powdered form, or you could opt for dark chocolates. This could help patients lower their readings.

lower blood pressure using cocoa powder
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Where It Came From

The factor that led to studying cocoa powder as a supplement for lowering blood pressure was the people of Central America, particularly those regarded as the cocoa-drinking island people. It was found that they have lower blood pressure compared to non-cocoa drinkers. Accordingly, it was discovered that flavanols found in cocoa improve the nitric oxide levels in the body. An improvement in nitric oxide levels helps enhance the blood vessels’ functions, thereby reducing blood pressure.

The Experiment

An analysis of 35 experiments where patients were provided with 0.05 to 3.7 ounces of cocoa products, and it was found that there was a significant reduction in blood pressure by 22mmHg. The flavonols that the patients received range from 30 to 1,218 mg. The beneficial effects of flavanols were much more significant in those who already had high blood pressure. There was also greater significance in effects among older people as compared to younger ones.

More Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Another way to help lower your blood pressure readings is to avoid salt. Health experts have stated that salt is one of the main culprits that increase blood pressure readings. Cut down on the amount of salt and make sure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Steer clear of canned goods and other high-salt products.

So if you want to lower blood pressure reading, you can go for a cocoa powder supplement. Avoid or cut down salt and eat greens. Doing all these will help you in lowering your blood pressure.