• There are ways on how to control or lower high blood pressure
  • One study suggests doing a 30-minute routine every morning
  • The routine involves a short quick workout on the treadmill

High blood pressure occurs when blood pressure, which normally changes throughout the 24-hour cycle, remains at a constant high. At this point, your heart has to work double-time in pumping blood around the body, which can cause cardiovascular complications.

If you are experiencing this condition, you need to make some changes in your lifestyle to lower your blood presser. Doing so can prevent the development of more serious health conditions.

A Good Change

Leading a sedentary life can worsen the situation. You need to get up and exercise. Regular exercise is an important lifestyle change that has been proven by several studies to lower high blood pressure.

According to the Mayo Clinic, performing physical activities regularly can strengthen the heart. A sturdy heart can pump a lot of blood, even with less effort. If the heart can pump blood without straining itself, the force on the arteries is reduced, thereby decreasing blood pressure. The health organization also stated that your systolic blood pressure decreases by becoming more active.

how to lower high blood pressure treadmill exercise
how to lower high blood pressure treadmill exercise profivideos - Pixabay

Two numbers are used in measuring blood pressure. The first one, which happens to be on top, is called the systolic blood pressure and measures the pressure present in the blood vessels when the heartbeats.

The second number, which is located at the bottom, is called the diastolic blood pressure. It measures the pressure in the blood vessels whenever the heart rests between beats.

Experts at Blood Pressure UK say that systolic blood pressure is much more important compared to diastolic blood pressure. This is because systolic blood pressure provides you a clearer picture of stroke or heart attack risk.

Mayo Clinic revealed that regular exercises could lower blood pressure reading by an average of about four to nine mmHg. The health site said that this is almost the same as taking blood pressure medications. In fact, performing exercises for some people is sufficient to minimize their need for blood pressure medicines.

The Best Exercise

While many health professionals say that performing any type of activity can help lower blood pressure, there is one study that says performing short bursts of treadmill walking really helps. The results of the study, which was published in Hypertension, a medical journal, reveal 30 minutes of treadmill walking each morning, is as effective as most high blood pressure medication.

In this particular study involving 32 men and 35 women aged between 55 and 80, researchers told them to follow three diverse plans. They are to perform each plan for six days before shifting to the next plan.

The first plan involved sitting uninterruptedly for eight hours. The second involved an hour of sitting before walking on a treadmill with moderate intensity for 30 minutes. The final plan consists of an hour of sitting before doing the treadmill for 30 minutes, followed by six-and-a-half hours of sitting interrupted every 30 minutes with a three-minute walk.

The author of the study, Michael Wheeler, who is from the University of Western Australia in Perth, said the results are very promising. He said that for both women and men, the decrease in the average systolic blood pressure following the exercises is significant.

Chris Allen of the British Heart Foundation said the study strengthened the evidence showing performing physical activity regularly can help lower blood pressure. It also aids in reducing heart attack and stroke risks.