Lupe Fiasco went on a political rant on his Twitter account, saying he was “sick of you uppity black n-----" after being labeled “dumb” by comedian D.L. Hughley over the hip-hop star’s refusal to vote in the 2012 election.

The controversy ignited last week when Hughley blasted Fiasco on Hot 93.7 in Hartford, Conn. The criticism came in response to Fiasco being interviewed in July by the radio station, when he told The Hot Afternoon Show with Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G that he wasn’t going to participate in voting.

“He’s bright as hell, but dumb in the weight of the world,” Hughley told the station. “Young black men are going to listen to him. They are the ones who have decisions made for them, [decisions] that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me.”

Fiasco responded Thursday on his Twitter account, in which he criticized the American political system, politicians and Hughley.

“Just lettin you ‘Lupe Dumb Cuz He Don't Vote’ crowd know that if y'all don't #LeeMeAlone my n----- #YallGoneGetThisWork #FL2Sept25,” the hip-hop star wrote. “Sick of u uppity black n----- hiding behind your political correctness...MLK JR would be ashamed of yall...we still dying in these streets..”

Fiasco’s cynical view of government came through in a number of posts on his Twitter account.

“I got slave blood in these veins n---- this system you want us to participate in at 1point until very recently didn't recognize my humanity. Let me heal from the wounds of 400 years of institutionalized agony and destruction first...then maybe I'll think about voting... For a system and a government that kills and steals all over the f------ world with impunity and heartlessness for sake of what???” Fiasco wrote. “Not even in the name of GOD, in the name of corporate profit!! i aint voting 4 dat s---.”

Fiasco generated controversy when he said he’s not voting in the 2012 election because there’s no difference between President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

“You vote for the murderers or you vote for the murderers. You vote for the rich guy or you vote for the rich guy. To me, it’s the same thing,” Fiasco said on the Hartford radio show.

“Voting is one part … and then you leave the voting box and you go home and you don’t do nothing else for four years,” Fiasco told Hot 97.3 back in July. “It’s just that idea that people think that voting is the be all end all of you being a citizen and exercising your rights when it’s really you’re supposed to be in the city, figuring out ways to curb youth violence. You’re supposed to be in the city helping out your fellow man. You’re the one that’s supposed to go out and stand up and do the things that you know need to happen in your community … because the economy at the top can only do so much.

“Barack Obama can’t give you all the jobs,” Fiasco continued. “Mitt Romney’s not going to give you a bunch of jobs. I think that’s a cop out for people to say that, ‘If you don’t vote, then you’re not really doing anything and if you don’t vote you don’t really have a say.’ At the end of the day, you are the ones who voted for these guys. The ones that tore the system and broke it down and tore it to pieces.”

About two hours into his rant, Fiasco then went on to slam New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg over Hizzoner’s effort to ban large sugary drinks.

“Why is Mayor Bloomberg (NYC) trying to ban oversized soft drinks in NYC? Does it possibly have public health ramifications or he just hatin?” the hip-hop star said. “Nah I think he doing it cuz he's indirectly trying to make people less of a burden on the health care system by limiting serving sizes... Of historically unhealthy products that lead to diabetes etc...that's also why u can't smoke inside in is that crazy or ignorant? Why is this fool Lupe talking about soft drink sizes & what does that have 2 do wit me? Cuz statistics show Americans r fattest in the world.”

For those not tired out by Fiasco’s rant, they may have more to look forward to after the hip-hop star called it a night at 3:37 a.m. Wednesday.

“More tomorrow...I'm tired,” he said.