Crowds cheers all around as Phil Schiller takes the stage before a packed audience.

Phil clearly doesn't bring the same Houdini-esque gravitas that seems to surround Steve Jobs, but the audience welcomes him just the same. Clearly, everyone's eager to hear what he has to say and wondering if he has a rabbit or two to pull from the Apple R&D hat. An appreciative Phil welcomes the crowd and thanks everyone for showing up.

He says it's an incredibly exciting time for Apple, and offers a quick overview of Apple's new retail stores. As Jobs had for years, Phil let others do much of the heavy lifting. For example, the opening discussion of Apple's recent financial results and current market position was performed by the Blue Man Group and left the audience bemused, enchanted, awed at the absurdity of the human condition and, ultimately, downright confused.

Phil introduce the new version of iLife 09, It's turned out to be useful, and customers would love it, two events feautures are added one is called Faces and the next one is Geotagging and the maps are from Google Map. A little bit further Phil talk about slide show photo on iPhone.

There followed a series of appearances by executives from both Apple and elsewhere.