Tiger Woods
Tiger Eldrick Woods appears in a booking photo released by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in Palm Beach, Florida, May 29, 2017. Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Handout via Reuters

Tiger Woods dominated headlines early this week after it was reported that the golf legend had been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Woods later revealed that the incident was the result of an “unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.” In a Tuesday statement, Mothers Against Drunk Driving slammed the arrest and called Woods’ example “dangerous and deadly.”

“When athletes and celebrities who serve as role models, like Tiger Woods, allegedly make the decision to drive impaired, it sends a dangerous and deadly message,” a MADD spokesperson told TMZ. “There are no excuses to drive under the influence of any impairing substance, whether its [sic] alcohol or any legal or illegal impairing drugs.”

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Woods was arrested at approximately 3 a.m. Monday in Jupiter, Florida, where he owns a $54 million mansion. According to the police report, the athlete’s vehicle was stopped in a roadway and Woods was asleep behind the wheel. The arresting officer noted that Woods’ speech was “slow and slurred,” and he failed to complete tasks required of a sobriety test “several times.”

The report notes that Woods’ blood alcohol level was .000, which corroborated the claim in his Monday statement that “alcohol was not involved.” However Woods did note that a “mix of medications” was responsible for the incident.

While it's still unclear what mix of prescription medications was in his system at the time of the incident, Woods does have a well-documented back injury. Sports commentator Skip Bayless speculated that his injury has likely required Woods to be “taking medications for a long, long time” and raised the question of why Woods does not appear to have known how his body would react. Bayless told Fox Sports that he remains “suspicious” of the circumstances around the incident and pointed to the athlete's past addictions.

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“[T]here were reports when he went down to the Gentle Path Rehab Institute for his sex addiction issues — that was back in 2009 — that also part of the package was that he was having pill problems to boot,” Bayless said Tuesday. “I think he’s had ongoing issues with that. I said yesterday I didn’t know of any ongoing alcohol issues, but I read more deeply last night. He has been known to talk about having an adult beverage now and then. His father was known to be a big drinker, but could handle his alcohol.”

Woods apologized for the incident Monday, writing that he takes “full responsibility” for his actions and said he will do “ everything in my power ensure this never happens again.”

“I want the public to know that alcohol was not involved. What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications,” Woods said in the statement Monday evening. “I didn’t realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly.”