Malaysia’s Department of Civil Aviation continues to coordinate search efforts for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with the Ministry of Transport and multinational search and rescue teams.

Despite a large search team consisting of ships and planes from Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States, few results have emerged from their efforts.

Back on land, families of the passengers from the missing flight MH370 continue to arrive at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as they wait for more information about the fate of the flight, which vanished from the skies around 1:40 a.m. local time on Saturday, only two hours after its departure from Kuala Lumpur International Airport en route to Beijing, China.

As families of the missing passengers and crew brace themselves for the worst, authorities have continued to examine all possible leads that may explain what happened, including the discovery of two passengers that boarded the flight using passports stolen from Austrian and Italian citizens sometime in 2012 and 2013 in Thailand.

The two passengers in question flew under the names Christian Kozel of Austria and Luigi Maraldi of Italy. Previously, Malaysian officials said that up to four passengers onboard flight MH370 were suspected of carrying false identification.

However, officials later clarified that surveillance footage indicated that only two passengers are believed to have boarded flight MH370 with fake documents.

The information about the use of stolen passports has led to new speculation, including a possible act of terrorism that may have brought down the Boeing 777-200, which was carrying 227 passengers of various nationalities, according to a recently released passenger manifest, and 12 Malaysian crew members.

The jet disappeared from radar and lost contact with air traffic control somewhere over the South China Sea between Malaysia and Vietnam. Reports from the search and rescue teams pointed to possible debris and oil slicks that were believed to be linked to the missing flight. However, these discoveries were found to be unrelated to the Boeing 777, according to officials.

With search and rescue efforts underway, candlelight vigils in Kuala Lumpur and around the world continue to be held.

Take a closer look at events that have transpired since the disappearance in photos below.