A Malaysian shoe store has developed a novel approach to dating for shoe enthusiasts everywhere: pair women who love shoes with men who would love to buy it for them.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes wants to help women find Prince Charming by launching 'The Shoebox Dating Project,' a campaign that will set up men and women with similar shoe tastes on a lunch date.

The process works this way:

Select shoes in the store are tagged Date Included when a man pledges to pay 10 to 100 percent of the cost for the shoe. If a female shopper decides to buy a shoe with this tag, 'Lunch Actually' -a third party dating site affiliated with the project - will set her up on a date with a man who best reflects her personality based on her shoe choices.

Once the pair go on their date, the woman will be reimbursed for the shoes by her suitor.

Still don't believe in fairy tales? We can assure you that we're not kidding. So get to it girl! Let the shoes decide your destiny, the store wrote on their Facebook page.

Is this a brilliant marketing ploy or just plain sexist?

What intrigues me is that this campaign is a new and exciting way of connecting potential partners together. I can see how my business fits perfectly with Shoes, Shoes, Shoes, said Violet Lim, owner of dating site Lunch Actually.

Reactions to the campaign have been mixed according to Shoes, Shoes, Shoes' Facebook page.

Can you imagine if it was the other way round? When a man bought shoes, he'd get a woman for a date as well? We'd all be screaming blue murder at the sexism. Why do we countenance this unethical marketing gimmick? For shame, wrote a commenter.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes replied with Yes, you're right. Women would and should be screaming murder if it was the other way round. That's why shoe dating isn't the other way round. :) Anyway, thanks for the feedback, peeps! A good weekend to all!

One women wrote that the dating method was supremely creepy while other women describe the idea as awesome and brilliant. Some want to know how to sign up for the services and if the store will be implementing the campaign elsewhere.

'The Shoe Dating Project' will run for two months with a possible extension if public reaction is favorable.

View photos of the shoes that can score you a date here.