Malia Obama President
Malia Obama (pictured with the President) was caught hanging out on the set of "Girls." Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

Looks like Malia Obama might have a new gig working with “Girls” creator Lena Dunham. The president’s daughter was spotted on the set of the hit HBO show in Brooklyn, the New York Post’s Page Six reported Friday.

The eldest First Daughter reportedly spent three hours on location while the hit comedy filmed at the Aurora Ristorante, a trendy eatery on Grand Street. It’s not clear if Malia, who will turn 17 on the Fourth of July, was working as an intern for Dunham or will have a cameo in the raunchy series.

Mediate noted that it might be neither: Maybe she’s visiting the set as an early birthday present. Last year this time, Dunham tweeted Malia a birthday message where she joked about being as “elegant” as the First Daughter one day. The message was liked and shared hundreds of times by Dunham’s 2.27 million followers. “Happy Birthday Malia Obama! Let’s all hope we’re as elegant as you when we grow up,” she wrote.

If Malia is an intern for the show, like TMZ claimed, it wouldn’t be the first time she got a gig in entertainment. Last summer she interned on Halle Berry’s show, “Extant.”

Of course, Malia hasn’t tweeted about her alleged job with Dunham because the presidential daughters are not allowed to have a Twitter account. However, the president has been pretty active on Twitter since he launched his own account, @POTUS.

And the POTUS has some pretty funny things to say. He recently sent the Twitterverse abuzz when he disagreed with the New York Times' suggestion of putting peas in guacamole. He also had a Twitter exchange with the Black Keys after they asked if they could use Air Force One for an upcoming show.

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