A man was arrested and charged with 23 counts of animal abuse after the New York police rescued several dogs in a vehicle he was driving in Queens, the district attorney's office said Monday.

Ravon Service, 27, was arrested after officers spotted an emaciated mother dog and seven puppies in his vehicle during a traffic stop on Woodhaven Boulevard on Nov. 26. The malnourished Great Dane and her seven puppies were "in a confined plastic container" with limited airflow, according to the 104th Precinct, NYDaily reported.

They were taken to an animal hospital for treatment, following which a veterinarian determined all seven puppies had diarrhea, a criminal complaint revealed. NYPD's 104th Precinct Sunday took to Twitter and shared several images of the scraggly mother and her seven ailing puppies.

Photos showed the seven puppies crammed into a small plastic container and the mother had her ribs bulging out of her stomach due to malnourishment.

"The owner was charged with several animal cruelty offenses. Mom & puppies are currently in the care of an animal hospital," the tweet read.

Service was driving a 2001 Lexus with a Pennsylvania plate when an officer heard a loud exhaust system in the vehicle. The cop also noticed a dog with protruding ribs in the backseat, according to the complaint.

"Upon the car stop, officers observed an emaciated dog and several puppies in a container with no access to food, water or adequate space," an NYPD rep said, as per NYPost.

"This is my dog," Service told the cop, according to NYDaily. "She's skinny because she just had babies."

Service was charged with eight counts of neglect of an impounded animal, eight counts of torturing, injuring or failing to feed an animal, and seven counts of carrying an animal in a cruel manner.

Service was reportedly arrested last year for operating a brutal puppy mill in Brooklyn. In that case, he was charged with 20 counts of torturing animals, 20 counts of neglect of impounded animals, and two counts of acting injurious to a child.

Police rescued 20 dogs from brutal living conditions in an apartment which had "excrement" leaking through the ceiling into a child's bedroom. He also violently attacked the landlords of the apartment who shared the details of his operation with the authorities.

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