• Sebastian Ruiz, 31, faced murder trial this week
  • His date allegedly told him the elderly man was obsessed with her 
  • The trial is expected to run for two weeks

A man who is on trial for the murder of an elderly stranger has told the court that he just wanted to teach him how to treat women. The accused reportedly punched and kicked the old man after the latter misbehaved with his date.

Sebastian Ruiz, 31, told the Western Australian Supreme Court during his murder trial this week that he didn't intend to kill the victim, Keith Moylan, 76, but he wanted to make him realize how to treat women, reported.

The fatal assault took place in the early hours of Dec. 21, 2019, at Moylan's residential unit in a retirement village in Mosman Park, where Ruiz's date, identified as Garbin, in her 20s, was staying as a tenant.

Ruiz told the court that he met Garbin at a night club and she told him that Moylan was obsessed with her and on one occasion, she woke up in her bedroom to him masturbating over her. Prosecutor Katrin Robinson told the court that Garbin provided Ruiz some opinion from her viewpoint during their Uber ride back to the unit, leading Ruiz to develop a view that "he (Moylan) sounded like a creep," au reported.

The woman allegedly also showed Ruiz a video clip on her phone that depicted Moylan being abusive toward her. When Ruiz, who was under the influence of alcohol, heard Moylan and the woman arguing, he stormed into the unit and told the woman to pack her belongings. The elderly man then tried to grab Ruiz's mobile, which prompted the latter to punch Moylan, knocking him to the ground. When Moylan tried to get up, he allegedly said "she is mine," according to the outlet.

"That increased the accused's anger and he kicked the deceased to the face as he was lying on the floor," Robinson said in court. "He was in a rage-fuelled by alcohol and drugs."

Following this, Ruiz allegedly repeatedly punched Moylan squeezed his hand around the elderly man's neck, asking him "if he still thought the way he was treating women was right." Ruiz allegedly also savaged Moylan's unit and left a handwritten note which read "F..k you. You should not treat women like this" in case Moylan wanted to press charges against him.

Moylan was rushed to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury and was later declared dead. Ruiz allegedly also sent his friend a photo of his shoes with bloodstains on it. "My shoes have blood on them from kicking some c..t's head in. Ha ha. He deserved it f.....g paedo," Ruiz allegedly wrote in the text message he sent his friend.

The trial is expected to run for two weeks.

Representational image. Pixabay