In a shocking incident, a man beheaded his wife and dumped her head in a canal before surrendering to police. The incident took place in Vijayawada, a city in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday.

Police said the accused, identified as Pradeep Kumar, beheaded his wife using a knife near their home. He then walked around the city with the decapitated head in one hand and the weapon in the other. Kumar then went to a canal and threw the head before going to the police station and surrendering himself. Police said CCTV footage showed people running in horror on seeing the man with the head.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the couple got married five years ago. However, they had frequent fights and Kumar was also arrested a few months back after his wife filed a domestic violence complaint. Police said the man was on bail and killed his wife to seek revenge.  Meanwhile, police were looking for the decapitated head in the canal and the headless body was sent for autopsy. The investigation was ongoing.

In a similar incident in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal in May, a man beheaded his wife and walked into a police station with her head. Police said the man walked into the police station with a bag. He said he beheaded his wife and wanted to surrender himself. However, when the officers refused to believe him, the man took out the decapitated head from the bag. Immediately, the officers locked him in a room and visited his home where the headless body was found. During interrogation, the man said he and his wife got into an argument and in a fit of rage, he killed her. He was charged with murder and taken into custody.

india crime Representational image of police officials investigating a crime scene in Bangalore, Karnataka, in southern India, Sept. 5, 2017. Photo: MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images