A Virginia man broke into his ex-girlfriend's home and physically assaulted her two days after authorities issued an emergency protective order that prohibited him from entering the residence.

The protective order was issued following the initial incident, which took place on April 15. Stafford County Sheriff's deputies responded to a home on Erin Drive at around 4:15 p.m., after receiving reports of a disturbance.

Upon reaching the scene, cops found the accused, Martin J. Cauble, 40, trying to break into the home, Free-lance Star reported.

Deputy J.D. Hurt found the man banging on the door with his fists. He told deputies he was there to assault the woman inside, according to Sheriff's spokesman Ryan Wilbur. After the victim refused to let him in, he kept demanding that she come out so he could assault her.

"Cauble demanded that the victim exit the residence so that he could assault her," the sheriff's office said, as per Daily Voice. "She did not comply and Cauble attempted to enter the residence by force.

Police also learned that Cauble used to live in the same house but was forced to leave on April 14 after an argument with his ex-girlfriend who currently resides there. He left the residence that night but returned with a vengeance the following day, officials reportedly said.

Cops arrested Cauble on suspicion of attempted breaking and entering to commit assault with a deadly weapon, domestic assault and battery and driving while revoked.

He was placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail on a $3,500 bond. It was also then that authorities also issued the emergency protective order.

However, the protective order proved in vain, as Cauble returned to the residence two days later after his release on Monday morning. This time, he tried to break down the door with a sledgehammer. He broke the sledgehammer in the process, but despite that, he managed to make his way into the house through a window.

As he entered the residence, Cauble locked the doors and took the woman in a "hostage situation" with the aim of assaulting her, according to the New York Post.

Witnesses also heard him threaten the victim by telling her he was "gonna kill you and everyone else," the outlet also reported.

Shortly after, Sgt. A.I. Assur and Deputy T.M. Givler arrived at the scene and broke down the door using a department-issued sledgehammer. They then took the suspect into custody and rescued the woman who had to be treated at the scene after sustaining minor injuries in the incident.

The victim's identity has not been revealed by the authorities.

Cauble now faces additional charges of breaking and entering, domestic assault and battery, abduction, violating a protective order and two counts of destruction of property. He was held without a bond.

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