• The bodies of Anthony Todt's family and pet dog were found at their home in Celebration, Florida
  • Police found the bodies while there to arrest Todt for an unrelated federal investigation in Connecticut
  • Todt reportedly confessed to the murders and is in police custody pending a full investigation

A man confessed Wednesday to killing his wife and their three kids after multiple bodies were found during a wellness check at the family’s home in Celebration, Florida, outside of Walt Disney World, according to law enforcement and court records.

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office on Monday arrested Anthony Todt, 44, of Colchester, Connecticut, for an unrelated False Claims Act investigation in Connecticut when they found the bodies. Deputies reportedly found the bodies while conducting a safety check of the house, though they didn’t say where they were found.

Autopsies were scheduled to confirm the bodies’ identities and causes of death, but Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said officers suspected them to be Todt’s wife, Megan, 42, and their kids Alek, 13; Tyler, 11; and Zoey, 4.

Police say Todt also killed the family dog Breezy.

Todt was reportedly charged with four counts of homicide and one count of animal cruelty. He was being detained by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office pending a full investigation.

“Based on the initial investigation to include the suspect’s statements, the deaths have been determined to have occurred sometime toward the end of December,” Gibson told reporters.

Relatives had reportedly contacted the sheriff’s office, asking to conduct a wellness check on Dec. 29 after failing to contact them and fearing they had come down with the flu. However, the deputies said the family wasn’t home and there were no signs of foul play.

“This family is known to travel, so it wasn’t uncommon to think or even have a thought in your mind that they picked up and went to Clearwater or Cocoa Beach for the day or for a week,” Gibson said.

An eviction complaint had also been filed against on Dec. 22 against the family for reportedly failing to pay rent on the home.

According to the Hartford Courant, Anthony and Megan Todt worked as physical therapists at a family practice in Connecticut. Megan and their children moved to Florida, while Anthony stayed in Connecticut and visited on weekends.

It is unknown if Todt has asked for a lawyer.