New details continue to emerge following Fotis Dulos' arrest last week. At that time, he was charged with murder and kidnapping regarding the May 24 disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos. His former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, and one-time attorney, Kent Mawhinney, were also charged with conspiracy to commit murder for their alleged involvement pertaining to the whereabouts of the mother of five.

Now, a "shocking new twist" has come to light regarding what allegedly took place before Jennifer's disappearance.

According to the Daily Mail, newly-released arrest warrants reveal that Mawhinney and Troconis may have "conspired with Dulos to kill his wife Jennifer by allegedly concocting alibis for him." Previously, it was said that Fotis himself had penned an alibi "script," which law enforcement later found at his residence.

Additionally, the attorney's wife claimed in court documents that Mawhinney and Dulos had created a complicated plan "to get rid of her" and that Fotis had "plotted to kill his attorney's wife in exchange for an alibi" for the morning of Jennifer's disappearance. This, in turn, raised the possibility that the two had "arranged some kind of sick trade."

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This new development comes on the heels of previously-unreleased voicemails that Fotis allegedly left Mawhinney's wife days before Jennifer's disappearance. Due to the fact that he was not a family member or close family friend, she found the messages to be suspicious. In sworn affidavits, she also stated that she believed it was a tactic that was being used in an attempt to lure her to Fotis' home.

Leading up to the recent arrests, both he and Michelle Troconis remained persons of interest regarding the whereabouts of the missing New Canaan, Connecticut, resident. Throughout the course of the investigation, Fotis was not only ordered to wear a GPS monitoring system, but he also told to obey a court-ordered gag order.

As for Troconis, she has also faced various legal hurdles in recent months, including a 45-minute deposition and being accused of abusing her Fifth Amendment privileges.

All three parties are set to return to court next month. Troconis's date is scheduled for Feb. 7, Mawhinney's is set for Feb. 20, and Dulos will appear on Feb. 28.

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