A man was rescued from a bear den after he spent an entire month in the animal’s lair in Russia's remote Tuva region.

The emancipated man, identified as Alexander (last name not known), was found by a group of hunters after their dogs refused to budge from the area of the den and constantly kept on barking. The hunters entered the bear’s lair and found a man “looking like a mummy” who was barely alive.

He was rushed to a hospital nearby where he revealed that he had broken his spine after a fight with a brown bear, which had overpowered him. He also revealed that instead of killing him, the animal tossed him to one side of the lair to feast on him in the future. “The bear preserved me as food for later,” Alexander said, Daily Mail reported.

The man, who had sustained “severe injuries and rotting tissue” after lying on the den floor motionless, told authorities he had drank his own urine to survive during his time in the bear’s lair. Alexander seemed disorientation as he could not remember his surname or his age. A video recorded at the hospital, obtained by local media, showed him opening his eyes and telling his first name to the staff.

Doctors at the hospital told local news outlets that they had no idea how the man had managed to survive for a month without food or water with serious injuries. The exact location where the man was found or where he was being treated was not revealed.

Earlier this month, a bear attacked a man in Sierra Madre, California, after he allegedly kicked the animal while trying to protect his pet dog. An investigation into the incident revealed that the small dog went after a bear cub in the backyard of the owner's house. In order to protect the cub, the mama bear ran after the canine and attacked it. Soon, the dog’s owner reached the scene and kicked the mama bear in order to protect his pet. The bear then slashed the pet owner on his calves and bit the back of his right knee.

A brown bear in the new enclosure 'La forêt des ours' at the Amneville Zoo in Amneville, eastern France, April 7, 2017. Getty Images/Jean Christophe Verhaegen