A man from Evansville, Indiana, was arrested Sunday for strangling his pet kitten and sending a video of the act to one of his cousins.

Police responded to 29-year-old Zackary Nichols’ home early Sunday after receiving a call from his cousin saying that the former had sent him a video of himself strangling a feline and throwing it around the home.

The probable cause affidavit stated that Nichols let the responding officers check his cell phone and read the messages. While checking, the officers came across a video showing a cat being slammed on a couch.

When questioned, the accused admitted to assaulting the cat. He, however, told the officers that he did not think he did anything wrong because the animal was not injured. Police immediately took the man into custody and he was charged with animal cruelty. The accused was later released from the Vanderburgh County Jail. Meanwhile, the animal control picked up the feline. The extent of the injuries was not known.

The incident comes days after a woman from North Weymouth, Massachusetts, was sentenced to six months imprisonment for killing her pet cat. Police responded to an apartment complex in November, 2016, following reports of a possible domestic incident. One of the officers found "a small kitten with what appeared to be a broken neck with blood splattered out of its head and neck area. The kitten appeared to be stomped or flatted by someone." He then noticed blood on Campbell’s socks. The woman admitted to stomping the feline to death.

Representational image of a man in handcuffs.