A 48-year-old man in India hanged himself a day after he stabbed his wife for preparing kebabs that were “tasteless.”

The incident took place last week in Bengaluru city of the Indian state of Karnataka, the Times of India reported Sunday.

Police identified the deceased man as 48-year-old Suresh M. He was an employee at a textile factory. His 42-year-old wife, Shalini, is recovering in a hospital under medical supervision. According to a report by The New Indian Express, the couple had moved to the metropolitan city from a nearby town a few years ago.

The couple worked in separate textile factories in Bengaluru and have two children. According to police, last Wednesday, Suresh returned home from work and asked Shalini to make chicken kebabs for him. He wanted to have kebabs with a couple of drinks. When Shalini served the fried chicken to him, he verbally abused her and complained that the food was not fried properly and appetizing enough for his tastebuds, the outlet reported.

In a fit of rage, he allegedly struck his wife with wooden logs and stabbed her in the head and hands. Authorities said he cut her hands with a kitchen knife, the report said.

It further said that Shalini's helpless cries were heard by neighbors who jumped to her rescue and took her to a hospital. Suresh reportedly fled the house after the incident.

The hospital staff notified the police about the case, prompting them to immediately start their search for Suresh. Police later found his body hanging from a tree branch in a desolate area. An autopsy was conducted soon, the report said.

Police officials are still investigating Suresh’s death to eliminate any foul play.

In a similar incident of unwarranted fury earlier this year, a woman fatally stabbed her husband when he tried to stop her from wearing jeans. The incident took place in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand.

The woman, identified as Pushpa Hembrom, had gone out of her home wearing a pair of jeans. When she returned home, her husband questioned her as to why she wore jeans after her marriage. The duo got involved in a heated argument over the woman's attire, and in a fit of rage, Pushpa attacked her husband with a knife, leaving the victim seriously injured. The man was declared dead later.

Woman severely stabbed after husband finds kebabs tasteless Image by GOLDINPIC from Pixabay